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  • The future of chainsaws


    <span lang=”fi” tabindex=”0″>Hyvää päivää</span>,

    Unfortunately my suomalainen is really bad, so I continue in English..

    I’m a student from Germany and currently writing my master thesis about the future development of chainsaws and trends in forestry.

    And I need you as regular users of chainsaws to help me with it!

    Since my personal knowledge about this topic is limited, I am conducting a survey to identify what’s important for you working with a chainsaw and how you see the future.

    Of course the survey is anonymous.

    Link to the survey:

    I’m very happy about any participant! Of course you can also comment below. Thanks a lot for your help!


  • Puuki

    In my opinion the electric chainsaw will be future if the batteries of them will continue to develope as well as they have done lately years.   Power of them is not enought yet for properly dayworking  at forests thinning. You need too many extra batteries and they are very expensive.   But  their  fuel costs are low vs  casoline chainsaws.     Anyway althought using of chainsaw is not as common nowadays as before, it will be an important work for some people who are used to selfmade thinning in their own forests.  Also for them who like to make firewood themselves.

    The best point of an electric chainsaw is its low exhaust fuses.

    nuori isäntä

    Responded to the survey. Power, light weight and the long runtime matters in the woods.


    I dont know is this the future of the shainsaws but these guys are sure trying.


    Maybe  robots do all the hard work and people just tell them what to do.


    Maybe in five  years you can give a chainsaw to this kind of robot and it can fell a tree and do logs of it.



    Hi, I’m pretty sure you are somehow in contact with Stihl. A few years ago I tried to give them an idea of developing a possibility to load a mobile device with an USB connection from a clearing saw or a chainsaw. This would also help forestry workers to work at nights or hours without daylight in general. I never got any feedback. Please forward the message,  if possible. Though this idea was mainly rationable with use of combustion motors but, perhaps in the future with powerful saw batteries too? Thanks for your attention!


    Responded to the survey. The survey could have used a bit more fine-tuning, though. The questions were a bit leading and some questions lacked notable answer options. Probably the results will be exactly what you wanted, because there wasn’t really much room for unexpected results.

    But relating to the actual question of future of chainsaws, I think it is inevitable that the battery-powered electric chainsaws will increase their market share in the future. As Puuki mentioned, the improvement in battery technology will be the greatest drive factor. The price gap will Still be there for a very long time, however. But in some point the advantages of battery-powered saws will outweigh the price difference. For example the virtually free running costs, no flammable liquids to transport and handle,  and less parts to Service are all major benefits of battery saws.

    I’ve looked at the Stihl battery saws, and their chain speeds already nearly match those with an internal combustion engine. I reckon my next saw will probably be a battery-powered one.

Esillä 7 vastausta, 1 - 7 (kaikkiaan 7)